e.l.f Cosmetics has just gone under a major make over and with it of course comes a new and improved blog! Welcome to Me, me e.l.f and I!

We are very excited to start sharing with you all the insider details of life inside elf HQ! Here you will find lots to get involved in including competitions, giveaways, guest blog opportunities and more – all this plus the usual and amazing beauty tips, tutorials and product information that we know you all love!

We’re sure you’re already familiar with the elf gang who will be bringing you all the fantastic news and updates! But if not, here we are striking our best model poses yet!

MAKEUP Bear Faced!

So please stick around and have a little browse! Let us know what you think and please subscribe to our posts so you don’t miss out on our fun things! đŸ™‚

Thanks for reading guys!



2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO ME MY ELF & I

  1. why don’t you sell elf in the uk shops?
    im sure if you sold it loads of people would by it, seeing that in america it is cheap.

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