22 Days : Be an elf Editor for the day!

Just 22 days left till Christmas and it’s getting exciting now! How many of you will be flitting from office to party in the next few weeks? We’re sure all you busy Social Bee’s will not have time to stop in between work and play to glam up!

But Fret not! It’s elf to the rescue with our Day to Night Beauty Books! With three colour options from Smoky and Smouldering to Naughty and Nice, Elf Beauty Books will have all the bases covered!

Each book contains all you need to transform from day to night! Helping you achieve beautiful make up that lasts till the night ends, especially now with the mini elf eyelid primer that comes included!

elf Beauty Books elf Beauty Books



So how would you like to get your hands on one of these Beauty books? Are you blogger or YouTube Vlogger and would you like to review these? OR are you a savvy elf fan who doesn’t have a blog or vlog but still would like to share your voice and opinions? If this sounds like you then please enter our competition to be part of the  Me, My e.l.f. & I editor team for one feature!

You will receive  Beauty book of your choice to test, play and review and then you will have the opportunity to publish an article of your own words right here on our blog!

To enter simply leave a comment below to let us know what sort of article you would like to write to feature the Beauty Books if you should be the lucky winner?


  • ** For bloggers or Youtube Vloggers please leave a link to your channel with your answer.
  • ** Those who doesn’t have a blog or channel please enter by leaving your answer in the comment box below then drop us your contact details via email at Blog@eyeslipsface.co.uk
  • Competition is open till Thursday 6th December 9.30am GMT.
  • 2 winners ( 1 x blogger, 1 x elf fan) will be picked Thursday 6th December to receive the Beauty Books to review.
  • Winners will be contacted via email.
  • The competition is open to the UK and the following EU Countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark^ (inc Faroe Islands and Greenland), Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia^, Finland^, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greece^, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Republic of), Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia^, Liechenstein, Lithuania^, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, NORWAY# (inc Spitzbergen), Portugal^, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia^, Sweden^, Turkey, Ukraine.

Thanks for reading guys and looking forward to hear your ideas!

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32 thoughts on “22 Days : Be an elf Editor for the day!

  1. I’d go for the smokey look BB! The colours look just gorgeous.:)
    Not a big fan of blogging/Youtube-ing though, to be honest. I prefer to experiment on my own and don’t show myself or my opinion to the world cause the review would be too subjective.:D

  2. if I should be the lucky winner I would like to write an article in which I explain the main chracteristic of the product, showing all the positive aspect it have and describe some way to use it, for instance how to transform your day make-up in a night one or what kind of clothes matchs with it!! Hope I’ll win!!

  3. I would love to do an article for you on my blog. I live and breathe beauty and would love to experiment with the new beauty books as I adore doing new looks with eye makeup as its my favourite to do as its so vast and the looks are never-ending.
    I hope you enjoy my blog.

  4. These look like fantastic products and I would love to have the opportunity to review them on my blog. I would make my article about the select few products that you need to make yourself party-ready when you don’t have time to leave the office inbetween e.g. Elf Beauty Book, dry shampoo, heels and lipgloss! and show how versatile the Beauty Book is.

  5. I would love to review this beauty book because it is so versatile and perfect for a flawless on-the-go look! Not only perfect for the Christmas season, but amazing for all the times you’re in a hurry but need a killer look! I am e.l.f.’s BIGGEST fan and this would be a perfect addition to my collection 🙂 I’d love to share my opinion with everyone as I love to talk (which is why I started my blog)!


  6. Mi piacerebbe vincere per provare su di me questi bellissimi colori
    Non ho un blog, ma ne parlerei con tutte le mie amiche

  7. I would be happy to win the beauty book because i’m planning to have my own beauty channel on youtube anytime soon. I can make great review and create different looks to share with my viewers. =)

  8. I’m a huge fan of elf cosmetisc, I attended a course in makeup and I would try and book rewiew the beaury smokey look! kiss

  9. I would really love to receive an e.l.f cosmetics beauty book, to write an article about the beauty book – describing in how many ways can it be used, and share different looks with people. I would love to try this product out, and review it as well, on how this little palette can be used while travelling, and how it can transfer your eyes to create different kinds of looks.:)

  10. I am a blogger, my blog is http://tarastalons.blogspot.co.uk and the blog is all about nails, nail art and nail polish. I have featured E.L.F nail polishes before and would love to do a post showing my readers how you can use these beauty books to match or fashionably clash with your nails! I would also like to be able to show that the quality of the cosmetics are as high as the quality of the polishes.

  11. Hi! So I am just a regular ELF fan, but would like the opportunity to review ones of these beauty books. I would probably use the smokey look one and create a look for everyone to show how well they work. I would do a daytime look with it and then show how this can be turned into an evening look for a night out! I would of course include photos and an honest review on how pigmented the shades are, how well they blend etc.

  12. Hello harmonious e.l.f. team !!!
    I´m portuguese and a blogger, and allways make reviews, swatches,beauty recomends or make-up looks tutorials including a about e.l.f products, for people around the world that speak mainly in portuguese, especialy in Brazil and across the ocean for emigrants in USA … but receive visitors with many diferent languages, and for me making reviews, swatches and a tutorial look with step by step is when my mind is flying and my imagination gets out like butterflies in the sky!!!!
    About the article I would love to do an 3 in 1 for the Beauty Book ! Would make a complete Review about the BB, swatches with both flash and natural day light,how they look and work, then a makeup look tutorial in fotos using the products on the BB…..it´s like giving a “complete interview” on the product it self and do a honest as possible article about it like true beauty journalism!!
    Best luck for all!!!
    * ahhhh …And all are wellcome to enter my giveaway including e.l.f produts!!! have make-up looks using e.l.f produts reviews and swatches in others posts go to label about e.l.f….

    on the left top in the page have the widget “google translator” if this helps…
    Big kisses al and e.l.f team!!!!

  13. I have a blog http://www.skindeepbeautyblog.com and a YouTube channel too: http://www.youtube.com/user/SkinDeepBeautyVlog?feature=mhee
    I’ve been thinking of running a new feature where I introduce a palette with photos & initial thoughts on my blog, then link through to a tutorial on my YouTube channel so people can get some ideas on looks they can create using it. I’d love to review an e.l.f. Beauty Book in this way as it’s such a wallet friendly product that my subscribers can pick up for themselves & even create a whole library of them without breaking the bank!

  14. I would do a complete review about this product, including swatches, examples of the looks that can be created and the various different ways the product can be used i.e. in your handbag/car touch ups, I have recently started a blog and plan to review many products, including ELF. I actually plan to do a ‘only ELF products’ look soon 😀

  15. I’m a new youtube blogger, and I’m also an elf fan who uses mainly elf products. I’d love the opporutnity to make a review on this product as I am a big lover of eyeshadows so I’d like to share a positive opinion on how this beauty book can compliment a day and night look because a lot of people may not no about elf and they need to no that elf is just as good as higher end products so please pick me. I’ll do a great review and article thanks.
    Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/theofficialhamss

  16. First of all, I’d write a bilingual article, both Italian (my own language) and English, in order to satisfy as many E.l.f. fans as I can!
    I’d do a complete review, starting from packaging and delivery and going to the product itself, because new E.l.f. fans always have a lot of questions and doubts about several topics 😉
    About the product, I’d show swatches of every eyeshadow and of the eyepencil on my arm, both with and without eyelid primer; then I’d do the same on my eyelid. Of course, I’d write my own comments about everything that can’t be shown on photos: best application ways, lasting power, etc.

    I’m not a blogger, but it would be such a honor to write an article on your blog!

  17. I would love too make a review, I don’t have a beauty blog but I have this: iamalionheartedone.tumblr.com

    I would make a how-to-look-amazing-everyday blog entry, in pictures with a bit of text. I would make it as simple as possible, so it would be a look you could wear every day. 🙂

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