18 Days: Glitz & Glam for the Party Season!

elf Body Glow

Nothing says Party more than Body Glitter! However looking like a disco ball isn’t on the top of our wishlist either! Which is why that’s our cue to introduce you all to the elf Body Glow! A pot of luxuriously silky, smooth powder that gives your skin an indulgent golden glow without the excess glitter!

elf studio body glow

Use it to highlight your body where you will naturally catch the light like the collarbone, the shins, shoulders or where ever you feel deserves a bit of sparkle! Simply pat on with the powder puff provided or dust over with a body brush for a subtle but gorgeous glow!

We think this is definitely something all you ladies will need to have on your wishlists! It’ll will be your perfect partner for all those parties you have lined up over Christmas and New Years!

elf Studio Body Glow is available now for just £7! Get yours now ready for the Party Season here!

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2 thoughts on “18 Days: Glitz & Glam for the Party Season!

  1. I really love most of your products but sometimes I have been less satisfied with the results. I think it would be easier if you showed example pictures of what the make-up looks on a face or body.
    Happy holidays!

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