The party season is in full swing now and whilst we’re all having a ball of a time it is important NOT to neglect your skin! Make sure you give your skin some well deserved Post Party TLC with a good moisturiser and more importantly- ALWAYS remove makeup at the end of the night to allow your skin to regenerate!

Thank goodness we have you covered with the elf Mineral Cleanser! A fine, silky powder that melts into a liquid lotion as you wash away dirt and grime whilst leaving your skin super soft to touch! It’s Infused with active minerals and skin nourishing ingredients such as Aloe, Green Tea, Jojoba Avocado and Vitamin E, to revitalize the skin!

ELF Mineral Cleanser

To use the Mineral Face Cleanser:

  • Splash water on the face to slightly dampen.
  • Pour a small amount of the cleanser into the palm of your hands.
  • Activate the powder by rubbing hands together to form a gentle lather
  • Massage over face and neck to remove all grime and dirt then rinse thoroughly.
  • Follow by applying your favourite Moisturizer!

How to detox your skin after a BIG Party!

  • First of all you need to replenish all that lost moisture! Drink plenty of water after a big party weekend!
  • Eat lots of fruit and veggies! The vitamins will help your body rebound and you’ll feel loads better for it!
  • Sleep! Go to bed early and get some shut eye! Give you body time to rest and allow your skin to work it magic and rengenerate!
  • ALWAY wash off your make up at the end of the night! Not doing so will not only cause your skin to look dull but it may have an effect on break outs and blemishes!


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Then leave a comment below to tell us your confessions of a Skin Care Sin that you’ve committed! Anyone not washed their face after a night out? Or perhaps skipped the moisturiser? We want to hear it all!

Our Favourite entry will be picked to win the prize on Monday 17th December, 2012 and be notified by email.

Good Luck guys!

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  1. During these dark times without a glimps of sunlight, I use self tanner once or twice a week – which I find is ok! Except this one time when I used this greasy, fat, oily self tanner 3 nights in a row – without washing my face ONCE.. =O

  2. I’m normally too drunk after a night out and come in and all I can manage is a bowl of cereal and bed. For the majority, I always leave me makeup on and wake up with major patches and eye lashes stuck together!

  3. My skin care sin is not washing my make up brushes often enough… I use mineral foundation and keep forgetting to wash my kabuki! I put it next to the sink to wash, where it sits til the morning and I need to use it again, so it still doesn’t get washed! No doubt this is not good for my skin

  4. My sin is always waking up looking like a panda. I take off my makeup before bed, except my eyelashes. The mascara is always so stuck that I just go to sleep and hope for a brand new day. Ooops

  5. Ohhh.. my skin care sin would have had to be when I put some green hair dye in my brother’s shampoo for April Fool’s – he loved having green hair but then retaliated & put green dye in my e.l.f cleanser! Long story short, I had a turquoise face for a few days.. eek!

  6. I rarely moisturize.. tend to forget it unless its winters.. then I have to otherwise my face would have white patches..

    Also being soo tired after a night out, I mostly just clean the make-up off and wash my face, than off to bed.. No extensive cleansing routines.. I do it before a special night out.. πŸ˜‰

  7. Followed πŸ™‚
    My skin care confession? Hmm .. Okay, I LOVE face masks but one night after applying one, I fell asleep with it still on .. Needless to say it was like concrete the next morning and a nightmare to get off. Also fave myself a bit of a fright in the mirror as in my drowsy state had completely forgotten about it. πŸ™‚

  8. Confession: I am rigid about washing my face before bed, but I might have ignored it on a few occasions because I’ve been too tired :/

  9. For a few years ago I was asked ALL the time, that how do I take care of my face, because it looked so good – I had no problems with it. I just had to say, that I do nothing – because it was true.
    Now my face is in that good condition and as this problem is new to me, I have no idea, what kind of products to use or what to do. 😦

  10. i often fall a sleep on the couch and then just sleepwalk to bed to sleepy to take off my make up, shame on me… :/ thank God my skin is good and it doesn’t return the same way…

  11. One time I didn’t wash my face with soap or cleanser or anything at all (I just thought I would have a lazy day)… Next day I had a huge spot and my skin was very dry 😦 took about more than a week for my skin to get back to how it was. I’ve learnt my lesson since!

  12. 2 things come to mind: 1) I don’t really use moisturizers during the night because of my oily skin and 2) a few years ago I was obsessed with waterproof mascara, which is really hard to get off even with make up remover. I would put so many layers on every day and I wouldn’t even bother removing it daily. well, after a certain point my lashes felt so dry and itchy I had to remove it but that was NOT easy at all! even after soaking my lashes with make up remover and rubbing over and over again nothing much would happen..I only felt like all my lashes would fall off. So I found out that only Vaseline could do the trick at that point…it would soften up the mascara and it would come off without rubbing so much…after that happened several times I decided I had to stop using it because I would end up with no lashes at all.. πŸ˜›

  13. There was a time when I simply just didn’t take care of my skin. I was lazy and didn’t see the point. Makeup would just stay on and I’d hardly bother to wash my face. I regret it now and have a skin care routine.

  14. Using mineral foundation, that feels so light on skin, I haven’t cleaned my face before sleep for, like, A YEAR 😦 then I decided to stop this bad habit, but I had a big size of face cleanser and I finished it, though it was one/two years old at that time.
    Now I have finally bought a new one and I use it every night πŸ˜€

  15. Well to be honest I sometimes don’t wash my face in the evenings, which of course is bad. And since I don’t wash my face, I don’t apply my cream for acne either.. I am sometimes too lazy, oops!

  16. Okay I play four sports, I love my makeup and find myself never bringing any cleanser or anything to take it off when I have to take the field. It has caused so many horrible breakouts that nothing works on my face, even washing my face mourning and night does nothing to help, maybe this product will

  17. My hidden Skin Care sin?
    Since the first time I used makeup (when I was 12 yrs old) I have never taken it off…
    I do that only when necessary, when I need fresh makeup over my nice face πŸ™‚

    Hey kids, don’t try this at home! It’s an awful behavior, take care about your skin.

  18. I never go to bed with makeup on now, but I have done in the past after a really long evening when all you want to do is crash out!

  19. I have acne, and some weeks it is very bad and some weeks it is okay. I have had acne for more than 3 years now and I have tried everything to get writ of it. So there was this one day, in a time with very bad acne, where I just thought: “Acne I am going to kill you, seriously”. So I took a hard brush that you normally use for cleaning your nails or for taking of the soil of potatoes. I put some soap in my face and then used this brush for like 3-4 minutes and just brushed and brushed. It was not that painful, before after! I finished and the following days I knew that this was a really bad idea because my head was so red, irritated and it has been bleeding of most of the spots. Oh my gosh I will never ever do this to my self or to my skin again.

  20. My skin is dry and senstive, for that i need to take makeup off and clean it well and ofcourse to moisturizers it every single day! no sin can be committed!!!!

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