Lauren show’s us how she creates a day to night look with the e.l.f Beauty Book!

Welcome to our first Guest Blog post! Today we’d like to you to meet elf fan and Beauty Blogger Lauren from Peachy Curves who has kindly written an article for us!!

Read on to find out how she got on with the e.l.f Beauty Book!

lauren burgess

I am absolutely thrilled that I was chosen by the team at the elf blog to write an article about their fantastic new product the elf Beauty Book. I was lucky enough to be allowed to choose which Beauty Book I wanted try out and I’d been eyeing up the Smoky Book for a little while so the choice was easy!
I decided that for this post I wanted to focus on how to take your make-up from day to night with just a couple of simple products. It’s a sad fact that many women just don’t have the time to make it to Friday cocktails from work with a spa treatment in between. Luckily, the elf Beauty Books contain (almost) everything you need to get party ready in the office loo!

elf Beauty book

The Book itself is set in a sturdy cardboard casing and includes 6 shadows, a miniature Eyelid Primer in Sheer, a miniature Brightening Eyeliner in Black and a double ended sponge applicator. Personally, I will always prefer using brushes to apply eye shadow but I think sponge applicators are ideal for smudging out eyeliner to create that sexy smoky look. The book contains simple and well-illustrated suggestions of how to use the book along with handy reference notes on a plastic insert, Day Highlight, Night Base etc.

Elf Beauty Book Swatches

Elf Beauty Book Swatches

Here are some swatches of the eye shadows in both cool and warm daylight. I struggled to make the day highlight show up very well but that’s simple because it blends so well into my skin. I actually really enjoyed using this shade on my eye because of how well it evened out my skin tone and brightened my eyes. The matte shades were a little harder to take a good swatch of and were not as pigmented as the shimmers, but honestly that’s my experience with every brand and I wasn’t too disappointed with it. There was also substantial fall out with the shimmer Night Highlight and Night Base, my entire arm is glittery after swatching these, so be careful not to ruin your face make up when using!

elf beauty book swatches

I’m actually really impressed with this eyeliner. It’s a lot better than the other three that I currently own, and I let out an appreciative “ooh” when I first swatched it. The primer is thick and smooth and blends out invisibly on my skin; I’m very impressed with it.

Elf Beauty Book: Daytime look

Elf Beauty Book: Daytime look

This my day time look. I decided to create my own rather follow the instructions because where’s the fun in following the rules?! And besides, this product is versatile enough for me to create a multitude of looks. I first prepped my eyelid but smoothing over the Eyelid Primer, followed by using the Day Highlight in the corner of my eye, up over my brown bone and over the inner half of the lid. The Day Contour was used all along my lash line, worked into the crease and over the outer half of the lid. I didn’t build up the brown shade too much because I was going for a soft, subtle look. I actually love this creation! I won’t lie, I spent more time than I would have liked trying to blend this together and remove the harsh lines, but I feel like it was worth it. I even got a few compliments! I also have to sing some serious praises for the eye liner. I feel like I almost got a liquid-look, it was so precise and pigmented. I only wish I’d had a full-size one! I finished this eye look with a slick of my favourite mascara.
I then did some serious endurance testing. I went shopping. For three hours. It was freezing cold outside and boiling hot in the centre. Cue sweating, ice and cold winds. And I then came home and started cleaning! I think we can all agree that this is the hardest form of work there is and if my makeup can survive this, it can survive 8 hours of office central heating.
I’m happy to announce that it didn’t so much as smudge. Everything was pristine and neat by the time I sat down to adapt it into my night look! Clearly the primer is doing something right.

Nigth eyesjpg

Elf Beauty Book: nighttime look

So this is my fabulous party night look. I didn’t take a scrap of makeup off (a working party girl has no time for these things!) I just worked the night time shadows over the day. As you can see, they blended in beautifully and don’t look at all rushed or dirty. I decided to create a more “winged” effect using the Night Base over my entire lid. The Night Highlight is a beautiful shimmery silver that I worked into the corner of my eye, onto the top of my lid and a little under my eyeliner on the bottom lid. The Night Contour was blended into my crease and against the edge of my eye shadow “wing” to make it more pronounced and sharp.

I finished by going over my eyeliner again and lining my waterline with the rich black. Another slick of mascara and I was ready to party! As mentioned before, there was substantial fall out with the shimmers, but it was nothing a tissue and some loose powder couldn’t fix (I used the elf HD Powder in Translucent.)
I did experience some minimal smudging after a few hours but it was easily wiped away and the rest of my makeup still looked perfect. Overall, I really love this product. You get 6 shadows a liner and primer for just £6 which is a bargain no matter how you look at it. I know I’ll be keeping mine in my locker at work for those emergency makeovers!

Which one will you choose?



5 thoughts on “Lauren show’s us how she creates a day to night look with the e.l.f Beauty Book!

  1. I love your night creation. The sharp angle of your wing is amazing! I’m going to try that technique. I love elf products. My favorites are the glossy gloss (the fuscia one is extra gorgeous), the mineral eyelid primer, studio blushes, tinted lip balm and of course the 11 piece Studio brush set!!! Kat

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