NEW Maximum Coverage Concealer

Believe us when we say Maximum Coverage Concealer is the answer to all your concealer needs! This light and oil free concealer is easily blendable to help you hide any imperfections, blemishes, dark circles or more.

It can also be used on the body to reduce the appearance of birthmarks, discolouration or faint scars by layering application. To use, simply apply to the area using a concealer brush or sponge in a patting motion, making sure to blend out the edges for natural look. Layer on more concealer as required to the area that you are concealing. Allow each layer to dry completely in between each application. Finish by setting the concealer with a powder to lock into place.

Maximum Coverage Concealer comes in 6 shades ranging from light, medium and dark!

elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer

elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer

elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer

Select from Porcelain, Sand, Nude, Beige, Tan or Almond and the great thing about these concealers is that you can mix and match any shade to create the personal blend to suit you!

To show you the maximum coverage effect, we tested this on a faint scar on office elf Kamen’s wrist. The scar was left after a very chaotic cooking session with hot pans!

In the after photo below you can see that the brown mark has significantly reduced in colour! This effect was achieved with one layer of product only due to the scar being relatively faint. For darker discolouration further applications may be needed. As you can see also the concealer blends into the skin seamlessly and looks very natural!

elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer

elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer
Maximum Coverage Concealer £3.75, is available now from

Let us know what you think below guys!

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4 thoughts on “NEW Maximum Coverage Concealer

  1. Might see if my bf wants some of this. He has a massive birthmark over his eye and people always think he’s been punched in the face, it really does look like he has a black eye. He keeps trying things to cover it up but nothing’s really worked. Do you reckon this would help with that?

  2. Slightly annoyed that the product in reality isn’t as yellow as the swatches shown – I have a really yellow skintone and thought I might have found the perfect product!

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