Dyna tells us all about her HD Blush experience!

This week we are excited to announce Big e.l.f. Fan Dyna from “Make Up by Dyna ” as our Guest blogger of the week! We caught up with Dyna to find out a little bit more about her! Read our mini interview with Dyna’s and her thoughts on the new HD Blush!


Dyna elf Guest blog

What inspired you to start a blog?
My blog initially started as a personal blog, and it had been dormant for months and then I decided to post an article on how to make a homemade lip balm, and I started to get really nice comments from people around the world. And it all went on from there. Back when youtube gurus were first starting their channels like rosebud143 and kandeejohnson.

What are your favourite Beauty Brands and why?
I’m a drugstore girl, the huge price tag on high-end brands puts me off, which is why I love ELF and am always looking forward to trying their newest products. I have quite a lot of favourite beauty brands but the main ones would have to be ELF, MUA, Essence, Catrice and NYX.

What are your Favourite elf products?
Current favourite ELF product would be the ELF makeup remover pen, it’s amazing to fix my liner when I happen to mess it up, or want it thinner. All time favourite product, aside from my beloved studio brushes, is the ELF mechanical eyelash curler, I use it everyday and I can’t recommend it any further.

A couple of weeks ago ELF was calling all bloggers to review the ELF HD blush, and luckily for me, they chose me to review it.

I bet you’re intrigued by the ELF blushes. If not, you definitely should be. When ELF launched these, I was so lured by them because the packaging looks so pretty and they looked like they would so much fun to use.


Let me tell you one thing, this is amazingly pigmented so you definitely don’t need a full pump for both your cheeks. But this is not just a cheek product, this works amazingly on the lips, too. I got two shades (Headliner and Diva) and both apply very creamy and dry very matte. Both of them have very fine shimmer, and even though I’m a shimmer / glitter hater when it comes to the lips the shimmer is so fine you can barely see it. One thing you should know is that this stains, and the darker it is, the more it stains. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. If used on the cheeks it can be a good thing. It also stains your brushes. I use the ELF small stipple brush to apply it and it has stained the white bristles. One last thing, when used on the lips it is still transferable, but you can wipe off excess product and leave it as a stain.


It’s made of plastic and it has a nice pump to it. My only complaint is that you could pump out too much product, but the pump is controllable.


A light rosy pink shade.
Blush-wise: Perfect for pale to medium complexions
Lip-wise: Perfect for pale to medium complexions
I personally love using this one on my cheeks, it gives such a beautiful healthy glow on me.


A bright barbie pink shade
Blush-wise: Perfect for tan to dark complexions
Lip-wise: Perfect for pale to dark complexions
I personally love using this one on my lips, I find it too bright to use on my cheeks but it looks amazingly pretty on the lips.

For a demo of the product and more check out the video below:


One seriously amazing product. I actually just went ahead and ordered Superstar and Showstopper. I didn’t get Encore because it looks like it has a red undertone to it, and I don’t like that. So excited to get the other two though!

I hope you found this review helpful and till the next post, take care !


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