Welcome to our CHALLENGE ELF series! Over the next few weeks we will be asking you lot to Challenge our office elves to try a Beauty Look! We think it will be a great way to showcase the versatility of our range and also give us the exciting opportunity to push boundaries and try new things! We’d love for you to join in the fun, so we will be offering you a mini elf prize if we accept YOUR Challenge! All you have to do is submit a look that you’d like to challenge elf to do and if we pick yours, you will receive a mini elf prize!

SO do you have a challenging beauty look that you’d like to suggest to us? SUBMIT them in the form below now!

*In the case where we accept a challenge that was suggested by more than one person,  one winner will be randomly selected to win the prize.

Once we accept the challenge,  we will aim to create the suggested look and the final result will be posted here on the blog for all to see!

We look forward to your challenge guys!

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5 thoughts on “CHALLENGE ELF!

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