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elf Vacation nail Polish Trio

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It is officially Festival Season – the one and only time of year where the thought of being stuck in a muddy field doesn’t send chills down your spine! In fact being in a open field, surrounded by a bunch of fantastic friends and great music sounds like the ultimate fun filled weekend!

If you are heading out to Glastonbury this weekend or over to the Reading/Leeds Festival in August, rest assured that there is still plenty of time to prep yourself for some essential beauty grooming… Yes even if you are just expecting  to be covered top to toe in muck! You never know who you may meet… Say Hello Mr Band Man in style with our Essential Festival Beauty guide!

1: The Clean up after the Line Up!

After a heavy session of rocking out, your skin isn’t going to be thanking you for the amount of grime and dirt that you’ve put it through! Avoid the risk of break outs by making sure you cleanse your face afterwards! Pack with you the elf Make up Cleansing Cloths and taking off your make up will be easy peasy! You wont even have to worry about a flannel cramping your style.

2: What’s that smell?

Leave the smelly nellys to the boys! Us girls know how to have a good time without leaving a stench to go with it. Take with you the elf Lotion wipes to ensure you always smell like a girl! Fresh as a daisy – or  choose from 6 gorgeous fragrances from Vanilla & Coconut to Shea Butter! Just wipe over the skin to leave it well moisturised with a sweet, gorgeous scent!

3: Be Weather Proof!

British weather is likely to be unpredictable so be prepared for some rain after the sunshine!  That and dancing is sure to leave you in one heated mess! Avoid running makeup with a waterproof mascara and you’ll be good to go till the cows come home (they’ll want their fields back!)

Try e.l.f. Waterproof and Lengthening Mascara for smudge and budge proof lashes!

4: Protecting the skin!

There is nothing cool about sun burn so make sure you stock up on your SPF Sunscreen before you head out! Also try replacing your regular foundation with one that contains SPF for added protection. Check out our Tinted Moisturiser – this sheer finish, tinted moisturiser is great for evening out the complexion and contains  SPF 15 to help protect from harmful, sun damage.

Make sure your lips are not neglected either, in fact the lips are more prone to sun damage as the skin is a lot thinner! So again stay protected with a good SPF Lipbalm and try to pick products that will help protect from sun damage! Try our Glossy Lip shines for a juicy finish and a SPF 15 for peace of mind.

5: Wake me up!

A little touch of Bronzer is all you need to fake a radiant glow in the morning after. Instantly wake up a tired complexion with a sweep of bronzer to inject back some of that radiance lost from the night before. Try our Essential Bronzer, it comes in a handy compact complete with a little brush and mirror for a fuss free application.

6: Colour Crazy

Festivals are the perfect time to be a bit more playful with colour! Go crazy with an eyeshadow palette and use up the shades you wouldn’t normally go for! Our e.l.f. Beauty Books holds a range of bright shades perfect for creating so many cool make up looks! Go for a simple sweep of colour over the lids or use a wet brush to paint funky patterns on your face! Go wild!

However if you are a bit colour shy on the eyes then up the amp on the lips instead! Try our HD Blusher (Yes we said blusher)  on the lips for a super bright look that will definitely turn heads in the crowd! Try ENCORE like we have for a bold statement look!

Don’t be restricted to apply colour to your face though, we’ve tried using our Glitter Eyeshadows to the hair for a fun and easy way to complete your Festival look. Just run your hair along your selected eyeshadow to colour the hair and set with hair spray!

7: Nail it!

Colourful nails are a good way to keep things simple yet fun if you adopt more of a carefree attitude and style. You don’t want to be packing bulky polish bottles hogging up the your travel case either, so you’d be pleased to know that e.l.f. now offer mini polish trio sets that are travel friendly! They come in a range of shades but our favourite for Festivals have to be the Beautifully Brights Collection for its colourful combination of Neon shades!

That’s a wrap on our Festivals Must Haves guide! We’d love to see your awesome snaps at the Festivals! Why not tag us on Instagram and we’ll pick our favourite photos to win a mini elf bundle! Just tag us at @elfcosmeticsuk 🙂

Have a great time elffies, have fun and stay beautiful!

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  1. I live in a small town in north Carolina, where is the closest place for meer to find your products? I see them online and pintrest posters say they are great and affordable. I can’t wait to try some. Do you ever offer samples?

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