With 18 shades of elf Mineral Lipsticks to pick from we know it can be difficult to find your perfect shade. So we thought we’d lend a helping hand (or arm) to swatch the entire range for you. It was fantastic to get reacquainted with one of our top selling lipsticks of all time.

Elf Mineral Lipsticks are enriched with natural ingredients that are all paraben free, contains no preservatives or chemical dyes –  just packed with natural goodness so that you can look as good as you feel.

Each gorgeous shade will naturally enhance your lip colour with its nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, vitamins and plant extracts. The colour rich formula glides on smoothly for perfectly hydrated and stunning lips.

The range boasts a whopping line of 18 shades from intense reds, pretty pinks to beautiful nudes. There will definitely be one to suit any skin tone, style or occasion!

elf Mineral Lipsticks swatch


  • Rich Raspberry: A warm toned berry shade.
  • Beautiful Berry: A burgundy/Brown.
  • Runway Pink: A nude beige with a pink undertone.
  • Natural Nymph: A pale, neutral nude.
  • Rosy Tan: A creamy, nude brown.
  • Rustic Brick: A rose, mauve brown.

elf Mineral Lipsticks swatch

  • Rosey Raisin: A neutral nude with a pink undertone.
  • Barely Bitten: A cherry red.
  • Cool Coral: A tangerine orange with a subtle gold, shimmery undertone.
  • Party Pink: A  rosy pink that enhances the natural lip colour.
  • Pouty Petal: A neutral pink with a subtle and sheer finish.
  • Nicely Nude: A nude pink with a sheer finish.

elf Mineral Lipsticks swatch

  • Prime Plum: A deep brown shade with a creamy texture and finish.
  • Royal Red: A burnt red/brown with warm undertones.
  • Cheerful Cherry: A classic cherry red shade with a warm undertone.
  • Ripe Rose: A burnt red/brown that is slightly lighter toned than Mineral Lipstick in Royal Red.
  • Fiery Fuchsia: A dusky pink/mauve.
  • Bare Brown: A neutral toned,  sable brown

Have you tried the elf Mineral Lipsticks yet? What’s your favourite colour? We want to know!

Shop the elf Mineral Lipstick Range HERE. RRP £5.




  1. I’m looking for my perfect nude… preferably opaque. I need a little color, because I can’t pull off a true nude. If I’m light complected with cool undertones, is my only option Party Pink?

  2. I love the cheerful cherry! But you should have more red colors, like the rich red from the studio matte lip color.

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