Back to Basics: Make up for beginners

With the school term just around the corner we thought it was a good time to enroll in mini beauty course to refresh our minds. Everyone has to start somewhere and makeup can be lots of fun but unless you know the basics it can be quite a minefield with all the available products on the market Today.

If you are new to make up and would like to know where to begin then keep reading. Here are a few basic Tips and Tricks to get you started and before you know it, you’ll be pro in no time!


Foundation is really good for evening skin tone and camouflaging imperfections and the great thing is that there are so many choices available! Everything from texture or finish to coverage and colour variations, the possibilities are endless! However with so many options it can give you quite a headache deciding on one especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

We suggest opting for a Tinted Moisturiser if you are starting out because it gives just enough coverage to hide imperfections and even out the skin tone but still manages to be lightweight and easily blended in for a effortlessly natural looking finish.

To find your shade test it out on your chest first. Dot three colours on the chest and blend each shade out. The one that disappears is the shade for you. Matching the colour to your chest will ensure you achieve the most natural finish.

How to find the right foundation shade

How to find the right foundation shade

How to find the right foundation shade

How to find the right foundation shade


You should moisturise the skin before applying your foundation however if you have excess product left on the skin your foundation could slip and not last as long. To stop this from happening, try blotting the skin with some tissue or blotting sheets to absorb any excess product on your face before applying your base.

elf Shine eraser blotting sheets (Back in stock soon) are great for carrying around in your bag for touch ups on the move. Blot your face throughout the day to keep your face shine free and instantly refresh your look.

elf shine erasers


It is important to curl your lashes before you apply mascara to help open up your eyes, especially if your lashes are very straight. There is a simple, three way step to achieve a natural and perfect curl. Try heating the eyelash curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds to get an even longer lasting curl. Curl your lashes three times on each eye, once at the base, then the mid section and then the tips.  Use a curling mascara to hold the lashes in place for an instant wide eyed effect. It is best to apply mascara last because doing it first you could risk pulling out your lashes if they stick to the curlers.

Try the elf studio eyeslash curler and volume plumping mascara to quickly open your eyes and achieve a wide eyed look.

Curling eyelasheslashes


The natural thing to do when you apply make up is to apply your base first. This is fine if you are not planning to wear eyeshadow. However if you are then it is a good idea to work on the eyes first. This will ensure you don’t ruin your work with any fall out of eyeshadow on the face. If you do get fall out simply remove with a cotton pad and then proceed to apply your foundation.



Wearing blusher is quick and easy way to perk up a tired complexion. The right shade and application could give you a really healthy looking glow. For the most natural looking finish, your blusher should match the shade you are naturally when you blush or do exercise.  To apply, smile and apply to the fullest part of your cheeks. Try using an angled blush brush for precise application. Start with a little bit of product and gently build up the colour. Less is definitely more for the best results.

There are also different types of blusher and it really is down to preference as to which type you go for. As a general guide just remember:

Powder Blush is easier to apply and looks more natural because it is a lot easier to blend than cream. Therefore you are less likely to overdo the colour as long as you build it up in layers. However they are not quite as long lasting as a liquid or cream blush.

Cream Blush takes a little more effort to apply than powder but it gives a more true to colour finish and is better for ladies who have a drier skin types. Cream blush give a more dramatic effect than a powder but if used correctly, will give a beautiful finish. Also because they tend to blend into the skin rather than sit on the surface like powder blushes, they tend to provide longer lasting wear.

Check out the full range of elf Blushers HERE.

Elf blusher

Elf blusher


Highlighter is great for bringing out features on your face like the brow bones, cheekbones or the cupids bow (the ‘V’ shaped part of your upper lip). If you are not feeling too confident in applying highlighter there is a simpler way to achieve an overall glow.

On the back of your hand mix a tiny drop of highlighter in with your foundation before applying to your entire face for a soft and radiant complexion.

Try elf Radiance Enhancers HERE.

Try our elf Foundations HERE.

Mix highlighter with elf foundation

Mix highlighter with elf foundation


Lipstick is the best way to introduce some colour to your makeup if you still haven’t quite mastered eyeshadow yet. Reds and Pinks are universally flattering shades but even within those two groups fall a variety of different tones and types.

To find the pink lipstick to suit you, put on three vertical stripes of pinks on the lips, the one that matches the colour of your gums the closest is the pink for you.

Do the same for red lipstick, paint three stripes and smile. The shade that makes your teeth look whiter, is the red for you.

Look for your perfect lipstick HERE.

Elf red and Pink Lipsticks


Concealer should be a staple product in any girls makeup bag. If you are lucky enough to have great skin then a tiny but of concealer is all you need to give your complexion boost and you can even skin the foundation. For most of us, concealer is fantastic way to hide a multitude of sins like dark circles, blemishes, discolouration or scarring.

For use on the face to cover blemishes or scars, choose a heavier texture, this will help with longevity and give better coverage.

For use under the eyes, it is best to find a concealer that has a creamy texture and is easier to blend. A good trick to know when hiding dark circles is the Triangle Application method. This little trick will help you achieve a more natural finish and brighten up your whole face.

Starting at the inner corners of the eyes take the concealer all the way down to the nostril and back up towards the outer corner of the eye. Blend the product within the triangle making sure to blend well.

elf concealera conealer-triangle-method.jpg

Check our our range of concealers HERE.

That’s our little Beauty course all wrapped up! We hope you guys are able to find something useful! Let us know what other blog posts you’d like us to cover.

Have a lovely day!



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