Elf Essential Lipsticks: Swatch Post

Lipstick has long been every woman’s staple product, and it’s easy to see why. A lipstick can easily update your look and is the best accessory to finish off your perfect outfit.

It is one of the very few products that allows us to easily express the way we feel or look. We can make a bold statement in a bright red shade, or opt for a soft nude for those days where we want to just want to blend in.  Whatever your  fashion styling is, be it Casual, Chic, Subtle or Bold, the perfect shade of lipstick is the simplest way to express yourself!

Luckily our elf Essential Lipstick range has 12 stunning shades to help you enhance your style, from playful pinks to Glamorous reds. What will your message to the world be?

elf Essential Lipstick  elf Essential Lipstick swatches

From Left to Right:

  • GYPSY: Deep Rose Pink with cool undertones.
  • SEDUCTIVE: Warm coral Pink.
  • CLASSY: A dusty rose pink.
  • FANTASY: Nude, Beige brown.

elf Essential Lipstick swatches

From Left to Right:

  • FEARLESS: A bright, raspberry red. Cool toned.
  • SOCIABLE: Vibrant Fuchsia Pink.
  • FLIRTATIOUS: Cool Coral Pink.
  • CAPTIVATING: Brick Orange.

elf Essential Lipstick swatches

From Left to Right:

  • CHARMING: Mauve Pink.
  • NOSTALGIC: Neutral Nude/Beige pink.
  • POSH: Mid Tone Berry
  • VOODOO: Deep, red/Brown

Elf Essential Lipsticks are just £1.50 each, find out more HERE.



6 thoughts on “Elf Essential Lipsticks: Swatch Post

  1. I’d prefer to see the colours in a collage on actual lips ! Especially when it’s so many different colours. I appreciate your work though:)

  2. Thanks for this! I always want to try this but hate to spend the money first. Even though ELF is super cheap I still hate wasting money. Now I know which ones look like they are worth buying.

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