Who hasn’t got a busy work schedule in this day and age? But that doesn’t mean we have to skip our make up routine in an early morning rush. Here at e.l.f HQ we approach our makeup routine for the office with key products that are quick to use and easy to apply. As much as we all would love to take our time with beauty application, reality kicks in and leaves us running to our cars with keys in teeth and a heel in one hand wondering if we actually did turn the curlers off and feed the cat!

This Get the look set is designed to include four essential products to create a chic office look wearable with any outfit. For the ladies who have time to add to this collection, add and adapt away. However, these products are a safe go-to for mid-day touch ups without filling up your whole handbag.

Get The Look – Office Chic includes:

Lengthening and Volumising Mascara in Dark Brown – just dark enough to achieve impact lashes suitable for a day look.

Mineral Blush in Bliss – this blush has a natural base giving that healthy glow (perfect for pick me up Wednesday).

Brightening Eye Colour in Nouveau Neutrals – this convenient product holds four steps to create that natural eye make up wearable with any outfit.

Mineral Lipstick in either Royal Red or Prime Plum – depending on your personality, are you a go-to red or alternative plum?

Some times buying a product with different shades combined can be a little daunting, so we have broken down this four shade compilation into four easy steps to achieve the office chic look.

Below is how we have used each of the shades in our four steps:


1baset 2creaset 3line&colourt 4highlightt


If you have a little more time in the mornings try to use an eyelid primer over the eye lid as this will help the colours’ staying power. We have used the Mineral Eyeshadow primer over the lid and blended using the Blending Eye Brush (coming back soon).

Step 1 – Blend

Using the Blending Eye Brush, apply the natural shade all over the lid in a slight dabbing motion. This will become the base colour to your look.

Step 2 – Crease

Using the Eyeshadow C Brush, lightly damp the brush and work into the shade two shades darker than the base colour. This is the colour you apply to the crease of your eye to create a day smoky eye effect. Run the brush from right to left in a repeated sweeping motion following the natural curve of your eye.

Step 3 – Line and Contour

Using a damp Flat Eyeliner Brush, apply shade three along your lash line ending with a slight cat flick; if you would like more drama, create a thicker cat flick that is more extended.

Step 4 – Highlight

Using the Blending Brush, apply the lightest shade to the brow bone to highlight and add definition to the crease colour. Dab a little to the inner corners of your eye for a wide eye effect.

To Finish this look, add a coat of the Lengthening and Volumising Mascara to the lashes, concentrating the product at the base of your lashes for a full lash effect. Apply the blush to the area of your cheeks where you naturally blush to keep this look natural and a sweep of your chosen Mineral lipstick which will last the working day.

This Get The Look set is available NOW for a discounted price of £10!

What is your work make up routine?

Let us know below!



2 thoughts on “GET THE LOOK – OFFICE CHIC

  1. In a quick makeup I usually use foundation. Just brush into smaller areas like around the nose and corners of the eyes. Then I use mascara and eye shadow. And finally use lipstick matching with my dress.

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