Discover the world of e.l.f. primers



If a primer is not an essential in your makeup bag,  you have been missing out on some serious beauty prep benefits! A good primer helps create a perfect base, whether you are creating a natural day look or dramatic party make up.


Face primers are designed to help make your makeup last longer and some neutralise skin for an even base. They minimise pores, smooth out laughter lines and help prevent oiliness to create a clean smooth canvas for your makeup.

face primer

Many primers are transparent in colour, as they are itented to be invisible under your makeup. At e.l.f. we have developed colour correcting primers that help neutralise any areas of the skin that you would conceal later in your makeup application. If your skin tends to have areas with a darker or yellowish pigmentation such as under the eyes, our lavender brightening primer will help correct this pigment and brighten the area. Our green tone adjusting primer is designed to neutralise and conceal redness found most common with acne prone skin, while our pearly radiant glow primer will add luminosity and radiance to dull or tired complexions.

Primers are easy to apply: you just need to use a pump’s worth of primer on clean dry skin and apply to your entire face focusing on areas that require pigment correction. For the perfect makeup base, work the primer in until your skin feels silky and smooth.


If you are trying to achieve longer lashes, the e.l.f. eyelash primer is the product for you! It helps maximise the length of your eyelashes and its formula is full of nutrients such as  Pro-Vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat and Soy Protein, which will help strengthen and protect your lashes.

mascara primer

After curling your lashes with your eyelash curler, apply the primer gently from root to tip in a zig zag motion and allow it to dry. Concentrate the product at the root to achieve extra volume, for fuller looking lashes.


lip primer

Our Lip Primer & Plumper (back in stock soon!) is used to neutralise the natural colour of your lips making the colour of your chosen lipstick pop. Using the primer as a base makes your lipstick last a lot longer, and the plumper  included contains natural extracts of cinnamon. This helps you to achieve a fuller pout!


eyeshadow primer

glitter primer

Our eyelid primers are the most loved type of primer and have become an essential step on our daily beauty regime. They are used to intensify the colour of your favourite eyeshadow and help absorb any excess oil produced by your skin. This improves the staying power of your eyeshadow and prevents creasing. Our Glitter primer is designed for glitter and loose eyeshadow lovers, its tacky texture is perfect for packing on the colour and it dries to give your eyeshadow serious staying power, a look that’ll last from day to night with ease! Click here to discover our range of e.l.f.  primers!

Have you tried our primers before? Have you been converted, or do you think you can live without them? We are simply addicted!



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