1920’s Glamour: Gatsby Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Right now we’re feeling the vintage vibes of 1920’s style which is why we’ve created this glamorous Gatsby inspired makeup tutorial.

We hope you all had a glamorous New Years  Eve but adding a bit of sparkle to a look doesn’t have to be just for one night!

Here at e.l.f. we are embracing the Gatsby Glamour and adding our own twist by adding sparkle to our false lashes.

We love the sophisticated lip from the 1920’s but we bring the look back up to date with highlighted brow bones and layered eye makeup for maximum impact.

For this look you will need:

products shot2

Studio Blush Brush 

Professional Blending Eye Brush 

Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal

Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in What’ s your name

Blush with  Brush in Innocence

Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Gala

Lip Stain in Red Carpet

Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Dramatic Lash Collection

Step By Step to create this look


Step 1

We always advise to use an eyeshadow primer over the lid before starting as this will help to provide an even base and help your eye look last longer. We have used the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer buffed over the lid using our Blending Eye Brush. Apply the Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow over the lid as a base colour for this look using the Blending Eye Brush. Try to keep the eyeshdow rounded and not winged like in most eye looks. This style is in keeping with the Gatsby 1920’s theme and will make the eye appear rounder, almost creating a doe eyed effect.

Step 2

Next apply the Lustrous eyeshadow over the lid. This spongy textured formula can be applied in different ways. You may find using your finger easiest, but for this look, we used our glitter applicator which acted like a sponge to dab the shadow over the lid. We also found that you do not waste product using this applicator. This is optional, but we found going back and adding more mineral eyeshadow in the eye crease helps create depth and shadow to this look.

Step 3

Take your favourite e.l.f. lashes and customize them however you like! Be as creative as you wish as this adds the modern party feel to this look. We have used the lashes from our Dramatic Lash Collection and using the lash glue, added little clear gems along the lash line. It’s best to do this prior to starting the look as they will need time to set before being used. Trim the edges to fit your natural lash line and apply the lash glue, leaving it go tacky before adding it to your own lashes. Apply using either fingers or tweezers and if necessary, add more glue over the join. Don’t forget to add your favourite mascara before and after to help your natural and false lashes blend together!

Step 4

Over the join sweep the Liquid Eyeliner and end with a slight flick. We do not want a full winged effect with the eyeliner as we still want to keep the rounded appearance of the eyes.

Step 5

Either using the applicator provided or a lip brush for a neater finish, apply the lip stain to your lips and try to keep the colour even. Concentrate the Gloss provided on the centre of the lips and work the product outwards. This will make your lips appear fuller and plump.

Step 6

Using the Blush Brush, apply the Blush Innocence to the apples of your cheeks and work upwards along the cheek bone. You want a pinched cheek pink for this look that is subtle and natural, as you do not want to contended with such a bold lip.

Step 7

To Finish, squeeze a pea size amount of shimmering facial whip onto your hand and with the Blending brush, work the product onto the bristles. Place the brush at the centre of the brow bone and work the product outwards, highlighting the outer half of the brow bone. This will help keep the rounded eye look open and not make the eye appear smaller. The slight shimmer will also pick up on the added gems on the lashes.

Top tip for this look elf little heart

If you do not have gems available, blob the glue along the lash line and either add loose glitter or a sparkly loose eyeshadow.

sara final

How would you wear the latest 1920’s inspired trend?

Let us know below!



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