New Year – New Profile Picture!

It’s time to put away the baubles and take down the tinsel and so that also means it’s time to update our Facebook profile picture – but we need your help!

For the past month we’ve donned a festive profile picture on our Facebook page complete with baubles. Now with the new year we’ve decided it’s time for a fresh start and so we want a new profile picture and we want YOU to design it.

In a special competition we’re asking you to design a new profile picture for our Facebook page. The only rule? Well, people still have to know it’s e.l.f. cosmetics. If you’re into the technical details then you may also want to know the dimensions of the profile picture. You can find them from Facebook here.

e.l.f. cosmetics logo competition

Download this image to create your profile pic for our Facebook page

All you need to do is download the picture above and get designing. Maybe you want to make the “l” a lipstick or even a brush? Or perhaps you want to make the text look like it’s been written with nail varnish or lipstick – it’s your decision and your chance to get creative and show us your mad skills!

We’ll be upload all the submissions to this blog post so keep your eyes peeled for your competition 😉

The winner of the competition will have their profile picture design featured (drum roll please)…. you guessed it! As the profile picture on our Facebook page where your handiwork will be seen and admired by hundreds of thousands of people!

Good luck and get designing!

Harriet 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Year – New Profile Picture!

  1. Assuming makeup as a creative work, you should know that every creative work should be paid and not exchanged with “hundreds of thousand” of publicity. Make it simbolic, award the winner a small bag of goodies. But show respect for other preople’s work.

    • Hi Sara! We’re sorry you are unhappy with this competition, we simply wanted to give our fans the opportunity to influence the look of e.l.f. we have a team in house who take care of all our graphic design but from time to time we like to mix things up. We’re certainly not looking for people to work for free and do have the utmost respect for every piece of work and everything anyone sends of submits to us. We wanted people to take part in a simple challenge and show us how they think e.l.f. should look! I hope that explains the competition a little more, if you have any other comments or feedback please let us know, we really appreciate it. Many thanks, Amy

      • Actually Sara is completely right.
        Nowadays nobody really respects the work of one another, and take advantage of struggling designers.
        At the very least this competition could award the winner with some credit on the e.l.f. store or some products, you offer that for less in other competitions.

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