e.l.f. 2014 Makeup Trend Predictions

What does the world of makeup have in store for 2014? It’s time to find out as we reveal what we think will be key makeup trends for 2014…

1. Contouring

Contouring Makeup
Contouring was hugely popular amongst celebrities last year and it took off in a huge way. We predict that contouring will become more mainstream and we’ll be starting to use it as part of everyday makeup routines.

2. Two tier eyeliner

Teal eyeliner

We love this trend because it’s so visually striking yet so simple to create (if you have a steady hand that is!). Two tier eyeliner involves first applying a line of black liquid liner and then above this another eyeliner is applied in a bright pop of colour like lilac or teal. Gold and silver are key colours for giving this look a party vibe. The two tier eyeliner trend is also a great look for festival goers this year as it’s high impact but low maintenance and the products will take up minimal space in your tent – what more could you ask for?

3. Fuschia Statement Lips

Fuchsia Statement Lips
We think statement lips will survive as a trend for 2014. However instead of dark reds and purples we think bright Fushias and Corals will takeover this trend for the Summer of 2014.

4. Copper Colours

Red Lipstick Makeup Tutorial
Copper colours applied to the inner corner of the eye and underneath the lower lash line are perfect tones for making blue eyes pop. We deem Copper to be the key metallic shade of 2014.

5. Rose Tones

Rose toned Makeup
From lips, to cheeks to eye shadows we deem Rose tones key colours for 2014. Perfect for enhancing your natural beauty; products in Rose shades add a subtle blend of colour that will give you a healthy glow for any time of year .

6. Orange Lips

Orange Lipstick

Moving on from red which was hugely popular in 2013, we’ll see a slight change in shade as trendsetters go in favour of orange shades like our new Studio Moisturising Lipstick in Velvet Rope.

7. DIY Mixes

Shimmering Skin
In the pursuit of #ComplexionPefection, we think many of you will be trying out primers or facial whips with a hint of shimmer and mixing them with your foundation to give your skin a natural, radiant looking glow.

8. Matte Pastel Nails

Pastel Nails with Matte Finish
Come Easter, we’ll be updating our nails with some nice, fresh pastel colours like Mint, Lilac and Pink. We’ll be giving these pastel shades a more edgy look by using a matte top coat.

9. The New Brow
We think brows will go back to basics this year and instead of overly plucked eyebrows, we’ll see many of you growing out your brows and using a slightly darker brow gel to define what you have rather than drawing on what you don’t. We’ll see arches become lower as the trend for brows will see them become straighter.

10. 80’s Inspired Eye Makeup

80's inspired eye makeup

Electro – blue will return in a major way this year as eyes get transformed with one single pop of bright colour. We’ve seen smokey eyes for a while now but in 2014 they’ll be a return of 80’s inspired makeup with singular bright shades being used all over the eye.

So there you have our 10 makeup trends for 2014. Are you planning on trying any of these trends or have you come up with your own that you’ll be rocking this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here’s to a very fun and glamourous 2014!


2 thoughts on “e.l.f. 2014 Makeup Trend Predictions

  1. All over rose tones, they’ve gorgeous pink and gold seems so beautiful. Need me a nice fuchsia lippy to suit my skin tone though.

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