Complexion Perfection Makeup Tutorial

Say yes to sensational looking skin with this handy makeup tutorial from the e.l.f. Makeup Artists that will enable you to achieve Complexion Perfection in no time!

‘’No chocolate’’, ‘’ Get a new hobby’’, ‘’Take the stairs more often’’.

These are just some of our  New Year resolutions here at the e.l.f Store in Cardiff.  It seems we’re not the only ones making resolutions either as lots of our customers have been telling us that their number one goal for 2014 is to create a flawless, perfect complexion that lasts all day! Naturally, we wanted to help our lovely clients and so here we have it – an easy peasy step-by-step guide from e.l.f. Makeup Artist Mari along with one of our beautiful customers Natasha. This dynamic duo will be showing you how to get gorgeous, glowing skin that lasts all day. Yay!

 Step 1
The Holy Grail of skincare is to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. These steps are a necessity to ensure a smooth base for make-up and healthy skin all year round.

 Step 2
If you have un-even skin tone or unwanted red areas then meet your new best friend; the Mineral Infused Face Primer in Tone Adjusting Green. It’s just £6.00 too! (Don’t be scared to try it, we promise won’t look like the hulk!) The green hues blur away any redness and create a dreamy base which will last all day.  Apply primer with clean finger tips, in a downward motion  to avoid clogging pores!

Step 3
Our Flawless Finish Foundation is great for those who like a radiant, dewy look.  You don’t need a lot of this product as it blends very well into the skin. The best practice for application is to first apply to the T-Zone and then buffing the product out to the hairline using a Stipple brush. We used the shade Sand for Natasha.

Step 4

Maximum Coverage Concealer

Maximum Coverage Concealer is a true hero of makeup bags everywhere. Whether you just want to conceal a small area or use all over the face for a lighter foundation look – it’s all possible with this product! When applying, use our Angled Foundation Brush to get best results.  Using a similar application technique to the Flawless Finish Foundation, apply the concealer to the t-zone and brush outwards. The shade Porcelain helped us conceal Natasha’s unwanted blemishes and uneven tone for this look.

Step 5

Brightening Makeup Tips

Want to get rid of tired eyes? Then look no further than our fab Under-Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Light. When you use this nifty product you’ll find the eye area appears brighter and more awake (a definite rescue remedy after late nights!) However for every day, partner this concealer with our Concealer Brush to dab it just under the eye area. Use the highlighter just on the top of the cheek bone and top of brow (draw a large C shape) as this creates a more radiant, defined look.

Step 6
The secret to budge-proof make-up is to use a setting powder, Mineral Booster in Sheer is the perfect consistency to lock your look in place! Apply with a Kabuki Brush to add longevity to your look.

TOP TIP: You can use mineral booster under foundation as a primer for a natural look.

Step 7
Now the interesting part! We took inspiration from Kim Kardashian and tried our hand at Contouring. Our Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia makes it so easy! Start by applying the bronzer in the shape of a 3 (dust on the forehead and just under cheek bone), then use the blush on the apples of the cheeks. Whoila! A beautifully bronzed and defined look in an instant!

Step 8

Brow Pencil

Eyebrows really do frame the face and so it’s important that they are the right shape for you. Our  Eyebrow Lifter and Filler helps you to shape and define your brows easily. This two in one product comes with a brow coloured pencil on one end and a highlighter on the other. For Natasha’s look we used the Eyebrow Lifter and Filler in Light.  When using the filler, use light  feathery movements with the pencil to help mimic brow hairs, perfect for a more natural finish.  Finally use the ‘Lifter ’just under the brow bone -this creates a more defined look.

Step 9

Brow Gel

Apply Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara  to brows to give them ‘brow insurance’. It almost acts like hairspray without the stiff feeling, as it keeps the hairs in place all day!

Step 10
Apply Mineral Eyeshadow Primer all over the eyelid and also up to the brow bone to help prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. This product is also another hero in our makeup bags as it helps to improve pigment in eyeshadow too!

Next, apply Mineral Eyeshadow in Natural all over the lid and up to the brow bone to create a gorgeous, natural look! Our mineral eye shadows contain 100% natural ingredients, which is good news for sensitive eyes.

Step 11
To add a classic twist to a natural look we used the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black  along the lash. The pen is easy to use as it’s shaped like a felt-tip pen, perfect for that early morning rush –  glam in seconds!

Step 12
Mascara! Mascara! Mascara! We used the Mineral Infused Mascara  because we like its comb brush. We also love it because it doesn’t clump lashes, volume is buildable and there are no nasty chemicals – which means it’s a winner in our eyes! Apply 2 coats to top and bottom lashes and whoila! Perfect peepers!

Step 13
Does your natural lip line sometimes get a bit lost? Adding a simple touch to your lips like we have for Natasha’s Look will make a huge difference to your look! All you need to do is use the Lip Liner and Blend Brush in Nude Pink to line your lips and then blend to create a slightly more defined edge to your lips that is ‘Barely There’. You can also use the lip liner as a base for your favourite lipstick to help make the lipstick last longer.

Step 14

Applying lipstick

We used our Matte Lip Colour in Coral directly on the lips to add a fresh and flirty pout! We think this shade makes the perfect partner for our Lip Liner and Blend Brush in Nude Pink.

Top Tip: Dab our Studio Glitter Gloss in Dazzling Diamond  just in the centre of the lip and blend out for a more statement lip.

Step 16

How to set your makeup

Finish this look with Studio Make-up Mist & Set. Spray at arm’s length away from your face to protect your makeup and set it in place. The lightweight formula is enriched with vitamins A, C and E to also protect and nourish your skin all day long!

And finally, here’s the finished look…

How to get a perfect complexion

So there we have it, our complete Complexion Perfection makeup tutorial. We hope you picked up a few hints and tips from this tutorial and that you enjoy recreating this look. Don’t forget to share your recreations of this look with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Are there any other makeup tutorials you’d like to see from us at the e.l.f. store? Let us know by writing to us on our Facebook page.

Until next time…Chelsey and Mari x


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