Brush Up On Your Makeup Skills

New year, new skill! Find out how to use makeup brushes to improve your makeup techniques.

We think 2014 is a year for learning a new skill. And what better skill to learn than the mastery of makeup? Perfecting complexions and creating stunning smokey eye looks has never been easier thanks to our professional Studio Line Brushes. Find out below what each brush can do to help you on your way to becoming a makeup master!

Stipple Brush

Makeup Stipple Brush

A stipple brush is an essential for creating a buildable, lightweight foundation base that will help to cover blemishes and pores. We like to use the Stipple Brush to apply liquid foundation. Apply a small amount of product to the back of your hand – a little goes a long way with the stipple brush! Dip the very tips of the stipple brush into the product (it’s ok if the product doesn’t cover all of the tips of the brush). Next, stipple (or dab) the product onto your face, starting from the centre of the face and working outwards toward the hairline. To spread the product further you can use the brush to lightly swirl the product over the face too.

Angled Contour Brush

Angled Contour Makeup Brush

This neat little brush is perfectly angled for applying eye products exactly where you want them to go. Turn the tip of the brush vertically to apply a shade to your eyelid and then turn the brush horizontally to apply colour to your crease.

Flat Edge Eyeliner Brush

Flat Edge Makeup Brush

If you struggle to line eyes neatly this brush is exactly what you need to create lines with precision. Instead of trying to draw one continuous line over the lid, use this brush to collect gel liner product or an eye shadow shade. Next, line the brush up horizontally with the lash line and push the product onto the skin so you end up with a line the width of the brush. Repeat until you have one continuous line.

Kabuki Brush

Professional Kabuki Brush

Our Studio Kabuki brush is made from anti-bacterial, synthetic Taklon fibres. It’s soft and absorbent so you can use it to apply both wet and dry products.  We like to use the Kabuki brush to either buff mineral booster into the skin as a primer or use it to apply bronzer, loose powder or a highlighter to finish a look off and set our makeup.

Smudge Brush

e.l.f. Smudge Brush

An essential brush for creating the ultimate smokey eye! Use this brush to smudge any harsh eyeliner lines or to bring eyeshadow shades under your lower lash line for an eye-enhancing look.

Retractable Lip Brush

e.l.f. Retractable Lip Brush

The Retractable Lip Brush is a handy tool for the makeup table or for your handbag. The retractable twist action means the bristles of your brush remain clean and don’t dry out. It also ensures you don’t get any product remaining on the brush on to anything else! Use the Retractable Lip Brush to apply lip products, firstly by outlining the lips and then filling in using vertical strokes from left to right.

C Brush

C Shape Makeup Brush

The C Brush is ideal for picking up highly pigmented colours and sweeping them across the eyelid as it causes less drop off. It’s also a great choice for pressing eye shadows onto the lid for a more high-impact colour.

Concealer Brush

Professional concealer brush

Using your fingers to apply concealer can cause breakouts to spread. Save your skin and use a concealer brush instead. Apply a small amount of concealer to the back of your hand and pick up a small amount of product with the brush, apply the product just next to the blemish and use the brush to sweep it over the top of where you need the coverage. Make sure to clean your brush after use using the e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner.

Angled Foundation Brush

Angled Foundation Brush

Perfectly sculpted for blending foundation around the contours of your faces, this brush provides an even coverage. If you already have a foundation brush, don’t write this one off just yet. It’s also the perfect shape for contouring cheekbones – a key makeup trend for 2014.

Lash and Brow Comb

e.l.f. Lash and Brow CombTidy those stray brow hairs with one side and separate and define your lashes with the other. This handy two in one tool is a makeup bag must have!

We hope we’ve give you some inspiration to pick up that makeup brush and try to master a new makeup skill this year!

Let us know if you use any of these brushes in the comments box below or even tell us if you’re planning to try one or two of them sometime soon. We’d love to hear from you!


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