15pc Nail Polish Cube, We Show You Its Inner Beauty

A limited edition nail polish set for 2 weeks worth of looks, and more…

15 pc nail polish cube

Here at the e.l.f. HQ we have fallen in love with this set! It’s quickly become known as our go-to nail inspiration, it’s safe to say everyone in the office are huge fans of this gorgeous set, known in the office as, the ‘nail cube’. We just love its packaging, which makes it perfect for a gift, and we love the mix of colours, there’s something for everyone. The 15 bottles are just the perfect size to pop in your handbag or makeup bag for a emergency splash of colour, we can’t stop thinking about the combinations you can create with the one set. It is heaven for all nail art fans!

Here’s just some of our suggestions about why you need to get your hands on one of our fabulous cubes:

– You could get it as a gift to your friend

– Have a different nail look, every day for over 2 weeks! With 12 block colours and 3 glitter nail polishes, you could actually create up to 27 different nail looks; that is if you don’t use more than 1 block colour per nail.

– Add a coat of glitter nail polish to any shade and take your day nails to night, in a splash!

– Create a feature nail on you ring finger using a different colour, by adding a coat of glitter or by drawing some flowers.

– Try a different take on the French-tip manicure by painting the nail tip in a different colour.

– Use 2 french manicure strips to draw an arch (Checkout our take on these looks below).

nail cube art

The shades used on this picture are (left to right):

Prissy Crissy + Purple Dream

Purple Pleaser + Blush

High Tide + Gold Star

Raspberry Sorbet base with Flowers in Wedding Bells and Mango Madness, dots in Gina Girl

15 pc nail polish cube

The above wheel shows all shades included in the set, plus 3 combinations of block colour and glitter. They are the 3 nails at the top, starting with High Tide + Gina Girl, followed by Prissy Chrissy + Gold Star and Purple Dream + Love Me

What are your ideas for this set? We can’t wait to hear them!


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