Love Your Nails with the 15 pc Nail Polish Set

Keep your nail style new and fresh for weeks with this fun and versatile Nail Varnish Set15 pc nail polish set

This Limited Edition nail polish set contains the perfect array of colours to keep your nails looking cared for and colourful throughout the year. The wheel below has been flawlessly coated with each shade, thanks to the revolutionary bristle design.

But let’s take a look at each shade individually. The colour will allow you to create a brand new nail look every day, for up to 2 weeks! Feel free to mix the days around according to your social calendar.

Day 1: Pot of Gold is just what it says on the pot. Perfect to be applied on a Saturday morning, this shade will glam up your shopping trip and take you right through to evening, giving a chic finish to your party look.

Day 2: Desert Haze is a nude shade with beige tones, literally perfect for any day. It will instantly give your nails a polished look, ideal on a lazy Sunday or for the office.

Day 3: Wedding Bells is a romantic pink, which could be used as a top coat for a French manicure, or simply for the perfect finish to your lunch date look.

Day 4: Nude is a rosy pink and is amongst the trendiest shades of the moment. It is easy to see why, as this colour will adapt to any outfit or situation, so if you have a busy schedule, make sure you choose this shade.

Day 5: Mambo Mauve is a gorgeous purple plum colour and is super pigmented, so you’ll only need one coat to get full coverage. A perfect choice for a classy business lunch.

Day 6: Love Me is the ultimate call for attention. The Red glitter was love at first sight for us here in H.Q, and thanks to its clear base, it can be paired up with different shades. Check out the swatch below, showing Smokin Hot & Love Me, the ultimate nail look for your Valentine’s date.

wheel 15 pc set

Day 7: Sea Escape is a mysterious dark navy with turquoise reflections. Its dark colour is perfect for a night out with the girls.

Day 8: Purple Dream is the shade of choice to wear to liven up your little black dress. The pearly finish on this bold shade makes it perfect for wear in the evening.

Day 9: Purple Pleaser says “classy” all over it. This shade is a dark burgundy with a shiny finish. Imagine any glam office outfit worn in “The Devil Wears Prada” and you will find that this shade will fit perfectly for that high fashion look.

Day 10: Rasperry Sorbet is a vivid purple shade which will liven up any dull day. This is a great colour for Spring and it looks fantastic worn with your favourite office outfit or with a chic cocktail dress.

Day 11: Gold Star is a gold glitter coating on a transparent base, which can be used on its own for a playful day look, or on top of a different base shade to give a day nail look a nighttime makeover. On the wheel above we have tried two combinations, Purple Dream & Gold Star and Mambo Mauve & Gold Star. 

Day 12: Jazzy Berry is classy and yet playful. A gorgeous magenta that will brighten up your work day. Let its boldness take you from the office to an evening after party.

Day 13: Electric Pink is a dark magenta with a hint of red. Pretty and feminine, this colour not only complements any day wear, it can give your night a rocky twist.

Day 14: Smokin Hot is undeniably red, it is extremely reliable as it will never go out of fashion. Wear it in the day to make a statement, or add it to your evening look for a sensual twist.

Day 15: Mango Madness is a playful orange, lovely if paired up with your summer (or fake!) tan. Perfect with a summer dress, it will bring some fun to your day and those around you.

Be one of the lucky few to get their hands on this set. You can find it here for a limited time only!

Will you be getting a nail set? Which colour are you most looking forward to trying? Perhaps you’ve got this set already – let us know what you think!


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