A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Makeup

A makeup tutorial for all the single ladies out there!

We all would like to ride into the sunset towards our fairy tale ending with the man of our dreams however, in reality, love takes a little longer to blossom for some of us. So while we wait for that handsome prince to ride by, here at e.l.f. we say celebrate the people we do have in our lives…. our friends.

But if you’re not really looking forward to Valentine’s Day as a single lady, my advice for beating the Valentine’s Day blues is to slip into a new dress, try out a new makeup look and head for the dance floor; if you ever needed another reason to shop perhaps even treat yourself to a little Valentine’s gift!

And speaking of a new makeup look, I’ve got all the inspiration you need this year with a smoky metallic eye look and feminine pink pout.

Valentine's Day final look

Here are the products you’ll need to create this look:

Mineral Eyeshadow – Angelic

Mineral Eyeshadow – Seductive

Lock and Seal

Lash Extending Mascara

Dramatic lash kit

Moisturizing Lipstick – Flirty and Fabulous or Pink Minx

Lip liner and blending brush – Fuchsia

Flawless Finish Foundation – Porcelain

Under eye concealer and highlighter – Glow/Fair

Contouring Blush and Bronzer – Antigua

Radiance Enhancer – Spotlight

Translucent Matt powder

Step one

We want this look lasting a night of dancing and the key is in your skin preparation. Provide the best base possible to build your look with the Mineral Infused Primer. The primer will help combat excess oil and enlarged pores for a flawless finish. Go Green to combat any redness, Purple to brighten any tired skin and choose Radiant Glow for a radiant shimmer. A pea sized amount applied in an upward and outward motion will help avoid dragging the skin places where we don’t want it to go! Next, to make sure our eye colours are as vivid as possible, dab the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer all over the lids. As well as making your eye shadows stand out more, the primer will also help to prevent them from creasing.

Step two

Keep your skin type in mind when choosing a foundation, as this will help the longevity of your desired coverage. If you suffer from dry skin, opt out from a powder based product and stick to cream and liquid based foundations. For oily skin, choose oil free products designed for a matte finish such as the HD Matiffying Foundation. If you have combination skin, set the oily T zone first with a finishing powder like the Mineral Booster.

For this look we have used the Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain and applied using the Studio Powder Brush. Dab the foundation onto the face and with a buffering motion, move the powder brush in circular movements. This technique will help you to achieve an air brushed effect.

Step three

We have chosen the Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter. This product is a favourite for combating tired looking eyes as the highlighter opens and brightens the eye area. Apply the concealer just under the under eye area and blend outwards towards your temples. Follow the same line with the highlighter, extending as far down as the cheek bone. This concealer is also good at covering any redness around the nose (a necessity if you’re fighting off a winter cold!). If you need fuller coverage try the Maximum Coverage Concealer  for blemishes or other problem skin areas.

Step four – Creating the Eye look

For this eye look we have used the shades Seductive and Angelic from our Mineral Eyeshadow range. They have a shimmer base that when mixed with our Studio Lock and Seal, provides the Metallic finish. The Lock and Seal is a must have when turning shades from day colours to night. The colour will be more pigmented and the colour locks in place, meaning the eye makeup won’t get easily smudged when applying lashes or even when your busting some moves on the dance floor!

Provided in the Studio Lock and Seal set is an application brush and mixing pot. You can add the shadow to the pot and mix with the Lock and Seal but for this look, we have mixed the Lock and Seal and the shadow in the Mineral Eyeshadow lid.


First mix the Angelic shade with the Lock and Seal and apply down the centre of the eyelid with the brush provided.


Take the Studio Small Precision brush and add the shadow towards the inner corner of the eye following your natural eye shape. Use this brush to define the shape of the shadow so the lines are neat and precise.


Next, apply the mixed Seductive shade to the outer half of the eye with the precision brush. We want to create a slight winged shape for this eye look.


Now to create the smoky effect, apply Angelic onto your brush without washing in-between colours. This may seem a little odd but this will mix enough Seductive with Angelic to create a transition silver shade for this look. Apply this colour where the two colours meet and keep blending, until you cannot see where one shade starts and the other ends.

Using a Flat Angled Eyeliner Brush, apply the shade Seductive (dry) to the upper lash line to make your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller. Take the colour under the outer half of the eye for added drama and dust Angelic (dry) on the inner half of the under eye. This will brighten and create the wide eyed effect we all love.

Step 5

Curl your lashes, and apply mascara designed to improve lash length such as the Studio Lash Extending Mascara. Concentrate the product at the base of your lashes to create maximum flutter impact (just in case tonight is the night Prince Charming drops by!). Trim your false lashes to ensure they fit your eye size and shape; then apply with tweezers or fingertips. We used the tweezers to keep the lashes in place while the glue dried.  Remember to take the time to tame those brows ladies as with an eye look like this, people will have to stop and take a closer look! We have used the Treat and Tame  combed through our brows to create a more defined shape.

Step 6

To help your perfectly applied foundation stay matte and shine free, make sure to set your foundation and concealer. We have all peered into our compact mirrors to discover unwanted excess shine but fear not, you do not have to be a culprit of #ShineCrime. The Translucent Matte Powder is convenient for a handbag and with its application sponge and compact mirror; it’s your go to essential. We dusted this over the face using a fluffy Complexion Brush for a matte finish.

Step 7

With the Kardashians leading the Contour revolution we have empowered this cheek defining craze with our Contouring Blush and Bronzer in Antigua. Apply the bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, following the line of your cheek bones. Apply two stripes of colour either side of your nose and blend this shade outwards; Make sure you blend well with the Complexion Brush. Extend the bronzer lightly to the temples, towards the forehead, and down towards the jaw line. Apply the blush just above the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush. With the Contouring Blush and Bronzer kit, this sometimes complicated trend can be made simple!

Step 8

For that perfect pout, line your lips with our Lip liner and Blend Brush in Fuchsia and blend across the lips. We want the colour  to last as long as possible, even after a few drinks. This will also create a fuller lip shape and gives a base colour for the lipstick to cling to. Longevity is key as the least amount of touch ups needed throughout the evening, means more time can be spent dancing! Apply the Studio Moisturising Lipstick either in Flirty and Fabulous or Pink Minx, ( depending how bold you would like your lips), with a lip brush as this will keep the shape created by the liner and also help the colour last longer and keep the natural shape of the lipstick.

Top Tip

For added shimmer, we have used the Radiance Enhancer in Spotlight on the brow bone, cupids bow and cheek bone.

The finished look:


elf little heartSo go grab your clutch, remember your touch up essentials and get ready to celebrate Valentine’s with your besties!

Let us know what look you will be sporting this Valentine’s Day in the comments below…elf little heart



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