Brown Eyed Girl Makeup Tutorial

Find out how to enhance your natural brown eye colour with this quick makeup tutorial made just for brown eyed girls!

If you’ve long been in search of the perfect smokey eye look that will make your brown eyes look bigger and better than ever then you’ve come to the right place! This makeup tutorial will show you how to create the ultimate doe-eyed look that we all aspire to!

Before Makeup


Makeup for Brown Eyes


Brown Eyed Makeup


Items you’ll need for this look:

1) Daily Moisture Stick

2) Mineral Infused Face Primer – Green

3) Essential Eyelid Primer – Sheer

4) Studio Single Eyeshadow – Sunset, Coffee Bean and Charcoal

5) Lash Collection -Dramatic

6) Precision Eye Liner – Black

7) HD Mattifying Foundation – For this model we used Porcelain

8) Mineral Foundation – For this model we used Porcelain

9) Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter – Fair

10) Studio Bronzer – Cool

11) Mineral Lip Liner – Peachy

12) Mineral Lip Gloss – Sorority Girl

Now, let’s get started!

1. First up, make sure to moisturise the skin. Apply the Daily Moisture Stick to your T-Zone and cheeks before massaging into the skin and outward toward the hairline with your fingers.

2. Secondly, minimise the appearance of pores and red skin tones by applying the Mineral Face Primer in Green.

3. Next, whilst we wait for the moisturiser and primer to set on the face, we’ll move  onto the eyes. It’s important to prime your eyelids to help prevent your eyeshadows from creasing. For this look we used the Eyelid Primer in Sheer as we’ll be using quite dark colours. For an eye look using lighter eyeshadows, a coloured eyelid primer would be more suitable to help cover any irregular skin tones on the eyelid.

4. Using an eyeshadow C Brush, press the Single Eyeshadow in Sunset all over the eyelid. Then use a blending brush to sweep the colour across the crease too.

5. To add definition and depth to this eye look, use a dark shade like the Single Eyeshadow in Charcoal to the crease. Sweep back and forth across the crease in a arc motion. Blend the colour upward slightly toward the brow before taking a lighter colour like the Single Eyeshadow in Coffee Bean to help blend the colour out to a lighter finish. Also use the Charcoal shade underneath your lower lash line as a smokey eyeliner.

6. No doe-eyed look is complete without a set of full and fluttery false eyelashes. Measure the lashes up against your eyes and trim if necessary (from the outer corner). Apply the glue and wait 20-30 seconds before application. Try to apply the false lashes as close as possible to your lash line for a totally natural and seamless look. Add a layer of mascara to your lashes to help merge your natural set with the false pair. Remember to give your lower lashes a coat of mascara too.

7. Create extra definition for your eyes by applying a flick of black liquid eyeliner to the top lash line. For added intensity, create a flick with the liner at the outer corner of each eye.

8. Now it’s time for the foundation! For this look we used the HD Mattifying Foundation in Porcelain. This foundation is a creamy texture that dries to a powder finish on the skin for matte texture. Next, we used the Mineral Foundation in Porcelain to set the foundation. What’s great about this product is that it’s buildable, so you can add more layers if you’d like more coverage.

9. To conceal dark under eye circles, use the e.l.f. Concealer and Highlighter. For this look we used the shade “Fair'”. Apply the concealer using the wand, just underneath the line of the eye circle (at the very top of your cheek) in several small dots, so you end up with a line of dots along the edge of the eye circle. Then use a Concealer Brush to blend this product upward towards the lower lash line and then outward to the outer corner of the eye.

10. To add a natural, bronze glow to the skin, we used a Bronzer in the shade “Cool”. We applied this just underneath the cheekbones to contour and around the hairline on the forehead.

11. For this look we used Lip Liner in Peachy to outline the lips and create definition, then we applied Mineral Lip Gloss in Sorority Girl for a full, highlighted pout.

Brown Eyed Makeup Tutorial

Completed Look

That’s everything! We hope you enjoyed following this tutorial! Let us know what you think about it and share your re-creations of this look with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Do you have a look in mind that you’d like us to do a tutorial for? Leave a comment in the box below and let us know!

Until next time, Hanne! x

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