Nail Art Tutorial: Chevron Stripes

Follow this easy- to- adapt nail art tutorial for chevron stripes that will add instant cool to any look.

One of our favourite trends right now is chevron stripes which is why the lovely Amy from the e.l.f. store in Cardiff created this amazing nail art tutorial for you to follow – so you can get the look too! This nail art look can be easily adapted using different nail polish shades and line thickness for the chevron stripes.

For this tutorial Amy used:

Nail Polish in Liquid Metal £2.50

Nail Polish in Coral Dream £2.50

Angled Eyeliner Brush £3.95

Total: £8.95

Here’s how to create the Chevron Nail look…

Chevron Nail Art tutorial video

How to do Chevron Nail Art

1. Paint your nails with a coat of Liquid Metal. This polish is well pigmented so you should find that one coat is plenty to get full and even coverage.

2. Once the coat of Liquid Metal has dried, take your Angled Eyeliner Brush (it’s worth investing in one of these brushes specifically for nail art as the fine pointed end is perfect for intricate nail designs). Get a small amount of Coral Dream onto your brush and with a steady hand start to draw one line of your Chevron design.

3. Instead of doing the line continuously with the Coral Dream, make sure you top up with the varnish after each zig/zag you draw.

4. Mix up your chevron designs by applying them to different parts of your nails.

That’s all for this nail art tutorial! We’d love to see your chevron nail art designs so tweet them to us and Amy at the e.l.f. Store Cardiff using the Twitter handles @elfCosmeticsUK and @elfStoreCardiff.

Would you like to see another nail art tutorial from Amy? Request a design in the comments box below – we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for commenting! :)

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