Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Seattle – Swatch Post

Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Seattle: Eyeshadow for special occasions.

Seattle baked palette

Seattle eyeshadows

Say hello to baked goodness at e.l.f! And no, we’re not talking brownies and cupcakes 🙂 Today we’re here to tell you about our Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Seattle. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the recent cosmetic concept of baked products, and will show you the Seattle palette, which is your go-to palette for smokey eyes with a twist. The Seattle palette will enable you to create perfectly pretty looks from fairy tale princess to modern days seductress.

e.l.f.’s Baked range are products which have literally been baked in an oven, for a texture that is different from pressed eyeshadows. This manufacturing technique offers rich pigmentation, as a lesser concentration of talc is needed in the formula. Mineral pigments and shimmers are also included in the formula and give baked products their signature feel and appearance. Mica, for example, is a mineral which is found in nature and will give a sleek shimmer to any pigment. In addition to this, e.l.f. infuses its baked range with active key ingredients such as Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin.

The beauty of baked products is that they offer two types of finishes, depending on the application: they can be worn wet for an intense effect or dry for sheer pigmentation. Choose a light colour to apply all over the eyelid as a base or to highlight. Next, apply a medium shade over the eyelid or in the crease to contour, and finally apply the darkest shade to define and line the eye for depth and to obtain a smokey look.

The colours in the Seattle palette will allow you to create romantic looks, perfect for a wedding, prom or special occasion where you will want to look like a princess. However this palette also has a different side, with darker colours that allow you to create intense looks, for a night out with the girls or a grunge-inspired look. Blend the two options, and you will have the opportunity to create smokey eyes in several hues. Whatever your special occasion, this highly pigmented palette will not let you down!

The swatches below were made using a slightly dampened brush:
seattle 1

seattle 2

Have you tried any looks using these gorgeous colours yet? We are curious to see the results,  so post them in the comments below or on our Facebook page! 🙂


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