Discover new ways to use your elf favorites!

Do you think you know all the secrets about your favourite makeup products? Find out if you are making the most out of your elf products!



mineral booster sheer

The Mineral Booster is one of our best sellers. This lovely powder minimizes pores creating a soft focus effect for a beautiful flawless skin, it absorbs excess oil keeping your face matte, it helps your makeup stay put during the day, plus it has all the wonderful properties of mineral makeup! Most of you are probably using it just as a finishing powder over foundation to set your makeup but our wonderful Mineral Booster can also be used as a base/primer or on its own!
After moisturising your skin, sweep the powder across your face, buff it in and apply your liquid (or mineral) foundation as you normally would. If you have dry skin you will not need to powder your foundation after and if  you have oily skin simply add a quick touch of powder where you tend to get shiny.  This simple tip will make your foundation set more quicky and keep it in place all day.
If your skin does not require too much coverage or if you feel like you want to let your skin breath, you can use the Mineral Booster as your foundation for a sheer coverage.


Aren’t you tired of cleaning up eyeshadow fall out when creating a beautiful smokey eye look? The Mascara and Eyeshadow shield is an innovative tool which you need to hold below your eye to catch eyeshadow fall out and above your eye to stop mascara smearing on your eyelids during the application. It is made out of silicone so it catches and holds powders preventing any residue to fall onto your face. It might look strange to use but once you try it you will not be disappointed!
The shield also works beautifully as guide to create smokey eyes. Just place it under your eye, along the lower lash line, and start blending your eyeshadow in the corner of the eye: the shield will help you define the shape of your smokey eye. Dramatic smokey eyes will have no secrets for you anymore!

elf HD blushes

If you spend too much time thinking about what blush would match your lipstick and viceversa, simply use the same product to balance your look! Our HD blushes aren’t just wondeful blushes, they are perfect on your lips as well! There are 6 shades available to choose from, from easy to wear colours like Headliner and Superstar to lovely bright shades like Diva, Encore and Showstopper. Click here to check out our swatches both on cheeks and lips! They leave a matte finish and stay put on your lips like a stain. Just add your favorite clear gloss on top if you like a bit of shine.

elf angled eyeliner brush

Most brushes can be used in different ways but have you ever thought you could use the Angled eyeliner brush for your nail art creations? This brush is ideal to create thin and precise lines along the upper lash line and draw perfect flicks but works wonderfully to draw dots, hearts and decorations that require precision on your nails as well.

elf body shimmer

Our Body shimmers are an absolute must have for shimmer lovers! These sticks can be used to add shimmer wherever you want, on your body or face! They are creamy, very pigmented and super-easy to blend. We suggest applying them with your fingers as the heat of your body will make the cream much softer and easier to blend. Cosmics Coral is a gorgeous pinky coral shade with golden shimmer, it leaves a beautiful rosy glow on the cheeks. Try it on your lips with a balm or gloss on top! Mystic Moonlight is just perfect as a highlighter on the cheekbone, brow bone, in the inner corner of your eye and on the cupids bow. Have you ever tried it on your shoulders and collarbone? It leaves a stunning subtle perlescent glow on your skin. Ideal for a night out when you want to show off your shoulders! Golden Glow and Blazing Bronze just scream Summer! Apply them on your cheeks for a sultry golden bronze look or try them on your tanned legs for an irresistible glow!


Are there other elf multi-purpose products you’d like to recommend? Let everybody know your suggestions in the comments.



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