Mineral Eyeshadows Swatch Post

Discover these colourful pigments, and choose your favourite shade to be on trend naturally this summer!


Whites & Pearlswhites and pearls

Innocent: This chalky white powder with a matte finish works perfectly as a base or mixed with brighter colours if you want to achieve a ‘on trend’ pastel finish.

Angelic: A pearly white shimmery shade that will add instant radiance to your eyes.

Elegant: This is a warmer beige-pearly colour that will look great paired with any warm or dark metallics. It will also enhance a lightly tanned skin.


Pinks & Purplespinks and purples

Temptress: A mauve-pink colour with a matte finish, perfect for everyday wear.

Sweet: A lovely shimmery pink with peachy tones that will complement any summer outfit!

Glamorous: This Darker mauve pink with shimmer particles can take you from day to night and looks wonderful paired up with a creamy kohl eyeliner.

Girly: This playful lilac can be paired up with Royal for a pretty day-time smokey.

Royal: An impressive metallic purple with blue reflections when set against the light – a shade that can also be worn on its own for a night look with a wow factor.



Outdoorsy: A powerful dark green shade, with two tone pigments – away from light will look like a black matte with green shimmer, and in the light it will reveal an emerald green glow.

Earthy: A shimmery playful pea-green that will complement your hazel or brown eyes this summer. Or why not go all green and pair it up with Outdoorsy for a summery smokey?




Enchanting: An everyday matte nude that will enhance green, brown or blue eyes!

Natural: A delicate nude shade with just enough shimmer to make your tan shine.

Trendy: A light shimmery taupe to glam up your office-chic look and show off your holiday skin.


Shades of Grey

shades of grey

Mysterious: This grey-purple matte shade will form the perfect smokey base with a twist if paired up with the others shades of grey in this group.

Smoldering: A metallic silver that will not go unnoticed, this powerful colour will instantly glam up a trendy geometric outfit.

Partier: A darker grey-blue with a matte finish that will add intensity to your gaze.

Seductive: A matte black with a twist, this charcoal powder contains sparse shimmery particles for a glam finish to your smokey eye.


Warm metallics

warm metallics

Celebrity: A chic warmer taupe with a metallic shimmer that will enhance your eyes on an early summer night.

Golden: A lustrous 24k gold shade that will fire up your summer outfit.

Wild: This dark bronze will add intensity to your gaze and will naturally enhance your eyes, whether they are blue, brown, green or hazel.

Bronzed: This dark copper is the perfect companion to your summer tan.


Dark metallics

dark metallics

Socialite: This lustrous dark grey with colder tones will make your eyes pop on any dance floor.

Confident: Neither mauve nor grey, this fantastic metallic will not go unnoticed on a night out.

Caffeinated: A colder brass that pairs up fantastically with Seductive in creating the ultimate night-out-in-Ibiza look.

Sassy: With this metallic antique pink you can bring this old-time favorite to the next level for a gaze that is both vintage and on trend.



Have you created any looks using these super-pigmented shades? Then we want to see the results! Share them with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram with #MineralMay – we can’t wait to see them 🙂


Sara x







2 thoughts on “Mineral Eyeshadows Swatch Post

  1. Elegant+Confident is an absolute must-have for blue or gray eyes.
    Socialite looks meh on this swatch – it’s actually a marvelous dark silvery taupe.
    Celebrity is extremely elegant – a toned-down muted gold. Smoldering is an excellent dark grey and a good staple color. Earthy is also beautiful green with a very strong golden gleam – looks more gold then green.

    Stay away from the mattes – those are difficult to apply and do not behave well. Outdoorsy is also tricky to apply.

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