Conceal Blemishes with the Mineral Blemish Kit

Banish your blemishes with the Mineral Blemish kit. This little gem helps to fight those breakouts we would all like to say Bon Voyage  to!

With summer almost here, all of us in e.l.f. HQ have been day dreaming of how we would like to spend our Summer. Sun bathing at the beach or lolling next to a pool became top picks but everyone was in agreement of  sporting the natural beauty makeup look. Less is more for those lazy summer days and a break out could really put an imperfection to those flawless finishes!

Say hello to the Mineral Blemish Kit!

blemishkit1jpg blemishkit2


Used on its own this powder packs a punch with added acne fighting ingredients such as natural Sulfur, Tea Tree and Willow Bark. Applied in the evening before bed, it works its magic overnight penetrating deep into the pores to control blackheads and prevent future breakouts.

Apply a thin layer to the inflamed area using the handy concealer brush which is included with this product.



Want to combat your breakouts whilst tending to your busy schedule? Wear this Mineral blemish Powder under your makeup for knowledge that you’re helping your skin while looking fabulous!

Apply the Mineral Blemish kit to the break outs and with the e.l.f. Powder Brush, apply your chosen foundation on top. Using the Mineral Blemish Powder as a base under your makeup also helps combat excess oil and mattify the skin, perfect for the hot weather to come #heatwave.


Check out the Mineral Blemish kit here.


How do you use your Mineral Blemish Powder? Let us know in the comments below!





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