The Lash Low-Down

Find out more about e.l.f.’s false eyelash Collections!

False eyelashes can be the perfect finishing touch to your makeup, but the common misconception is that you can only wear them at night. Eyelashes here at e.l.f. go from day-to-night and natural to dramatic and are easy to wear for any occasion, any time of the day!

We know false eyelashes can be a little scary, and putting them on can at times be a challenge but the end result is always worth the struggle!  We recommend drawing a line with eyeliner close to the lash line first and this will act as your guide when placing the lashes. Pop on a little mascara beforehand and curl your lashes as we find this makes it a little easier too!

Our Lash Collections come with tweezers, glue and include both a full and half strip of lashes –so you can achieve a more subtle or dramatic look depending on your mood or where your going.

Lashes don’t have to be scary, when it comes to false eyelashes our ethic is – slow and steady wins the race! Take your time, place the glue along the lash band and allow it a couple of minutes to become tacky, many people forget this step, but it’s crucial for getting the best application! Our collections include tweezers which will make application much easier and allow you to place the lashes closer to the lash line.

Now that you know how to get the perfect application let’s get some lashes on, and see which lashes would be perfect for you!


No Lashes 


The Natural Lash Kit 

Half Strip 

Full  Strip

Pick up the Natural Lash Collection for £4.95 here:

Everyday Lash Collection

Half Strip

Full Strip

Pick up the Everyday Lash Collection for £4.95 here:

Flirty Lash Collection

Half Strip

Full Strip

Pick up the Flirty Lash Collection for £4.95 here:

Dramatic Lash Collection

 Half Strip

Full Strip

Pick up the Dramatic Lash Collection for £4.95 here:

Which set would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter with @elfcosmeticsUK.

Thanks for commenting! :)

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