The perfect makeup for a family holiday

Get some inspiration for your family holiday with MUA Anne


e.l.f. artist Anne


Going away with family is always a lot of fun! But I think we can all confess to a bit of neglect on the beauty regime. Finding the time to make yourself look even more beautiful can be a challenge, I’m Anne and I’ve picked out 5 key items which are quick and easy to apply leaving you looking like one hot mamma!


Anne’s family holiday makeup picks

Late nights and early mornings? I feel you ladies, this is where our Maximum coverage concealer comes into play! Say bye bye to those dark circles and say hello to those bright beautiful eyes! Apply this product too any of the areas you aren’t too fond of, under-eyes circles, blemishes just to name a’ll be amazed. A must have!

Now its time to enhance those lovely features. If anything can save a tired eye it is our Radiance Enhancer, the perfect product to brighten your eyes. Applying this underneath the eye is going to highlight and make them appear bigger and brighter. It also has a pretty shimmer to add an element of glow! Now we are concentrating on your eyes. Eyelashes are so important, and to create a more bold, beautiful look put of lick of our Waterproof and Regular Mascara Duo on your lashes. You have your waterproof side for a day in the sea with the kids, and your regular side for that sunset dinner. Make it pop ladies!

I absolutely love our Contour Kit in St Lucia. This is a duo palette which contains a bronze and a blush. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and define your face. This is quick and easy to apply for all you Mummas on the go. Follow the natural shadow on your face and you will appear more chiselled, it will also do wonders for that tan your working! A wash of colour over the apple of your cheek and you are ready to go!

There is no harm in spicing things up with a pop of colour on those lips. Show your partner there is no messing around when it comes to sprucing it up. To achieve this all you need to use is our Lip Balm SPF 15 in Red. This is not only protecting your lips but you’ve also got a cute colour which will really finish off your evening look. Keeping it natural with a balm so its not too intense but enough to show them who’s boss!

With these products you can take over the world…well just about.
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