Makeup for Roscea

Take a look at how our HD Mattifying Foundation can help to cover roscea.

At e.l.f. we love nothing more than seeing how our cosmetics make the person wearing them feel great. Which is why recently when the makeup artists at the e.l.f. Store in Cardiff got to meet the lovely Lesley they were only too happy to work their magic and give Lesley a full e.l.f. makeover.

If like Lesley, you also have Roscea then chances are it’s hard for you to find a makeup product that provides the coverage you’d like but without feeling like you’re wearing too much makeup.

Roscea skin

As you can see Lesley has Roscea around her cheeks, chin and nose.


The makeup artists at the e.l.f. Store used our HD Mattiyfing Foundation on Lesley to cover her Roscea and give a natural, matte finish to her skin. The HD foundation applies as a cream and then dries to a powder finish that feels light on your skin.


Here’s her after photo:

Makeup for Roscea

Lesley after her makeover


Here’s a picture of Lesley mid-makeover so you can really see the difference once the HD Mattiyfing Foundation has been applied:


Before and after - makeup for Roscea

HD Mattifying Foundation applied to the right side of the face only


What do you think of Lesley’s makeover? Would you like to give our HD Mattifying Foundation a try? Tweet us and the e.l.f. Store Cardiff with @elfcosmeticsUK and @elfStoreCardiff.

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