How to Use e.l.f. Shimmer Sheets

Shine erasers have been a lifesaver for many beauty addicts, combating oily skin one sheet at a time! But now we have the latest craze in the beauty industry, paper makeup!


Some newspapers have picked up on this trend with products from high-end brands, but here at e.l.f. we’ve been using these for a long time. In fact we’ve been using them since 2012!

Our Shimmer Sheets can be used to build colour and shimmer on the go with just one swipe. You can apply as much product as you like just by using different amounts of pressure.

e.l.f. shimmer sheets

Once you have applied your makeup, add a little shimmer to your face to brighten your skin with our Pearl, Golden and Bronze shimmer Sheets.

You can even use our Shimmer Sheets as a highlighter. Just wrap the paper around your index finger and gently sweep along your cheekbone and brow bone to create definition.

Getting ready for a glamorous night out? Why not use our Shimmer Sheets on your collarbone, décolletage and shoulders too.


When you have finished using the paper makeup, you just throw the used sheet away. So not only is it quick and easy to use, its also really hygienic.

If you have pale skin, the Pearl Shimmer Sheets would work best on you. If you have a deeper skin tone then the Golden and Bronze would look gorgeous on you.

Paper makeup products are very popular right now, are you going to give this a try? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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