e.l.f.’s January Blogger of the Month: Looks 2 b Loved finds the perfect day to night palettes!

Meet e.l.f.’s Blogger of the Month for January! Charlotte from Looks 2 b Loved blog gives you the low down and her opinion on our Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes!

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve always really liked smaller eye shadow palettes, not only because they’re compact enough to be travel friendly which is especially useful when wanting to take your makeup from day to night but also because the sometimes difficult choice of which shades work with which has already been made for you and the palettes are filled with 3-8 shades that can create a combination of looks. Perfect!

Don’t get me wrong, a larger palette is so exciting with its endless supply of shades and possibilities to choose from (and the elf 100 Piece Marble Palette is a beaut) but for me, day to day, there’s nothing quite like a trusty staple shadow palette, one where decisions are made for you. Perfect when in a rush and bleary eyed!

If you’re anything like me, I think that elf’s Prism Palettes could be just the staple you’re looking for. The Studio Prism Eyeshadows come in three shades; Sunset, Naked and Smoke, with each containing six perfectly chosen shades for creating looks for day and night.

First Impressions

The palettes are beautifully streamline which in my opinion is perfect for your makeup bag or handbag and inside each palette is a large mirror and double ended applicator. I have to say the mirror is great; I can see why the palette was designed in this way as it’s so nice to be able to see both eyes at the same time. Really quite useful when applying on the go!

The three different palettes’ shades are perfectly picked to work together to create day or night looks and whilst my first impression of ‘Sunset’ was a bit “pinks and oranges, really?”, I was still certainly excited to give it a try.

Naked This palette is the one I was initially attracted to, as I’m a mummy on maternity leave at the moment, so my day to day makeup look, generally consists of natural shades of beiges and browns. Naked is perfect for a beautiful daytime smoky eye but also perfect if you prefer not to don black or charcoal shadows come evening and want to just amplify your day look a little.

e.l.f. Prism Palette in Naked

e.l.f. Prism Palette in Naked

Naked Look Suggestion:

  • Apply shade ‘c’ all over the lid
  • Add shade ‘a’ to the inner corner of the eye
  • Apply shade ‘e’ to the outer corner and crease.

This combination looks beautiful during the day. Adding a little of shade ‘d’ to the very centre of the eye lid and blending slightly will also give the eye an extra dimension. If you’ve not tried adding a gold or shimmer to the centre of your lid before, try it, it really works! If you want to add a little drama to your look in the evening, add shade ‘f’ to the outer corner and under your bottom eyelashes. Et Voila! 

Smoke This is the palette that for me has the most drama when you first open the box. The colours are so striking and trust me; you can’t wait to get your brushes in! Shades ‘i’ and ‘j’ are stunning and the great thing about these palettes is that applying the shadows wet will add even more drama to your look. These shades are crazy pretty then! I often forget about adding shadow wet, don’t you?

e.l.f. Prism Palette in Smoke

e.l.f. Prism Palette in Smoke

Smoke Look Suggestion:

  • Use the gorgeous grey shade ‘h’ over the entire lid
  • Add shade ‘g’ to the inner corner (the highlight shades in each palette are gorgeous by the way!)
  • Apply shade ‘i’ to the outer corner and crease, blending into the grey.

You could stop there with a grey and aqua look, but adding a little of shade ‘k’ to the outer corner and crease and blending will give the look a watery/mermaid feel and is super pretty. Adding a little of shades ‘i’ and ‘k’ under your bottom lashes is great for added drama too.

Sunset This was the palette that on opening it I was unsure about. I don’t usually find pinks and oranges particularly easy to use. Am I alone? Sunset is great though. The selection of shades is perfect and they actually really work together. Again this palette has a beautiful highlight in shade ‘m’, so any look you create will look much lighter and brighter when using this in the inner corner and under your eyebrow arch.

e.l.f. Prism Palette in Sunset

e.l.f. Prism Palette in Sunset

Sunset Look Suggestion:

  • Apply shade ‘o’ to the entire lid
  • Add some of shade ‘m’ to the inner corner and blend inwards
  • Add a little of shade ‘r’ to the outer corner and blend inwards
  • Finally add a little of shade ‘p’ to the centre of the eyelid.

This is such a feminine look and for me, quite brave. Why? Because it’s a plumy/pink! I started by using a little of shade ‘r’ and applying more if needed. These palettes are really pigmented so it’s worth being cautious when playing with bold colours (or what you consider to be out of your comfort zone). You can always add, but taking away colour is a totally heart wrenching experience and for me has sometimes meant removing 50% of my makeup. Nightmare!

So What Do I Think?

I really like these palettes. As three separate palettes with three very different colour combinations, I think elf have it spot on. I can see the Naked palette in particular, flying off the cyber shelves at super fast speed!

As with all of the elf eye shadows I’ve tried, I found the shades to be really well pigmented, meaning you don’t need a lot to get the desired look. Plus there’s always the option to apply them wet, to add definition, as supposed to layering up.

I think these palettes are little gems and I’ll be sure to be using Naked and Smoke regularly. Sunset is still something I’ll need to get used to wearing, but with elf’s help in selecting the shades that work together, I can’t go wrong. Right?

Pick up your favourite Prism Palette for only £10 right here!

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